Golden Empire Council News - August 2021


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Winton Work Weekend

Winton Work Weekend

August 13 -15, 2021

Help us keep our camp beautiful and pristine by joining us for the Work Weekend this month.

Work Projects will include:

  • Throwing away old platforms
  • Leader Shower Plumbing issues (plumbing equipment and experience needed)
  • Chainsawing Trees (requires chainsaw and safety gear)
  • Removing Brush
  • Painting, Building, and Moving New Tent Platforms (Cordless drills and saws recommended)
  • Helping cook meals

Check in will start at 5:30 PM on Friday.

Projects will take place All Saturday. Saturday meals will be provided.  Tools and gear will be driven into camp for you.  A fire ban still is in place at camp including briquettes.

Check out Sunday Morning.

Register online so we know how many people to feed.

If you have any questions, email

Update your unit Pin

Leaders - it's that time of year again!  We're looking forward to the fall Scouting season.  We need to make sure that your unit's info is up-to-date. So, we're offering a special discount: update your Unit Pin and receiva 30% off at the Scout Shop!  Hurry, this discount won't last long.

More information

New Feature Photo

Be sure to check out our August 'Scouting
Photo of the Month'
feature at the end of this newsletter.

HINT"Where do you want to wake up?"

'GECBSA1' on Facebook!



For reasons that we're still not aware of the folks at Facebook decided on 6-30-2021 to 'UnPublish' Golden Empire Council's long-time and rather popular page.  We complained, we appealed, we've tried everything we can think of, but no interest, no response... 

TODAY we're announcing our 'replacement page' named GECBSA1 (<-- Click to visit now)

So, please look for the new 'replacement page' [Like] it, and help us regain the nearly 3,000 likes that were accumulated by the suddenly turned-off page.

Meanwhile we want to remind you that Facebook is not our only social media tool.  You can continue to find us at all of:

And we hope to soon add to that list:


If you have questions, contributions, or want to assist please contact us at SocialMedia@GEC-BSA.Org . We're anxious to hear from you!


Popcorn Sale




Scout Popcorn Sales -  August 20th  thru October 22nd.

 Scout popcorn sales don't just raise money for your unit. They also give your Scout opportunities to practice important life skills. Selling Scout popcorn is a great way for a unit to earn money for its activities while teaching the boys and girls that we earn our own way.

Sing your unit up to sell popcorn!

Popcorn information page

Register your unit


COVID Updates

COVID  Updates

Resident Camp: The State and the CDC have recently updated their guidelines for resident camp.  If you are going to resident camp please follow the link to find the latest information.

Camping COVID updates

Unit and Family Camping: Effective June 1st, The state has provided guidance for overnight youth and family camps to re-open.  Units should follow the state guidance and check with their counties for any requirements the counties may have added to the requirements.  Please follow the link to download the State Guidance.

State Guidance for Overnight Camps

Plumbers wanted


Hand Tools Icon – Free Download, PNG and Vector


It is our number one priority to keep camp safe and fun for our campers. In order to do this, we need your help. We are looking for skilled plumbers and contractors that would be willing to help us maintain our camps and properties. There are several projects that we are hoping to accomplish before the summer camp season starts. If you can help or know someone who can, please call Greg Anderson at 435-799-5308 or email

Silver Beavers

Silver Beaver Nominations Due September 30th

Each year at the Council Dinner we honor our most dedicated volunteers with the Silver Beaver Award.  Recipients are nominated by fellow Scouters to receive this award.  During the past year, many of our volunteers have gone above and beyond to find ways to provide creative program opportunities to our Scouts.  Others have spent years planning Day Camps, Camporees, and other major activities.  Please take a few moments to think about these special volunteers and thank them by nominating them for a Silver Beaver Award.  All nominations must be received by September 30th.  The dinner will be held in February.

Nomination Form


Univ. of Scouting 2021


GEC-BSA's Training Dept. is preparing to help make this Nov. 13, 2021 event THE ONE that our Scouts need it to be! Please consider joining upcoming planning meetings...

Contact Event Chair Kim Perry-Reed at

Letter to Supporters

A letter to our Supporters

During these unique times, it’s often easy to forget that as Scouts and Scouters we belong to a larger Scouting community. These families, much like yours, believe in the Scouting program and continue to donate their time, talent, and treasure.

Since 1910, the Boy Scouts of America continues to instill young people with the values of loyalty, honesty, integrity, a deep love for the outdoors, and respect for our country. Friends of Scouting is the annual giving campaign to support the Golden Empire Council. Even during these unprecedented times, the cost of the Scouting program has not changed. $250 is still the cost of providing the scouting program to 1 Scout for 1 year. Please know that your direct support allows us to continue our mission and grow Scouting in our community.

There are several ways to donate now.

  1. Mail your donation to Po Box 13558 Sacramento, Ca 95853
  2. Text gecfos2021 to 844-615-4269     
  3. Scan this code to donate online:


Please consider giving all that you can. While much of the world has stopped, our mission of scouting will not and has not paused. We hope that you can find peace knowing that scouting continues because of your generosity.  Your contribution allows us to bridge the gap and continue our mission. The world needs scouting now more than ever. 

If you have already made a contribution to the Golden Empire Council, we thank you for your support.

Yours in Scouting,


Golden Empire Council



Golden Empire Council

Updated - Cost Savings Promotion for the 2021 Wood Badge Course

Fall (September 24-5-6,  October 2-3)

The Golden Empire Council is pleased to offer a cost saving promotion to encourage attendance at and participation at a GEC Wood Badge course in 2021. The normal cost for the course is $200 if registered by August 1, $250 if after. The council is offering a $100 reduction for GEC scouters who meet the following criteria:

  • Registered to a unit that had a scouter attend either GEC Wood Badge Course in 2019
  • Registered to a unit chartered to a Chartered Organization that had a scouter from  any of its chartered units (Pack, Troop, Crew) attend either Wood Badge Course in 2019
  •  A GEC scouter, from any unit, who receives a recommendation to attend Wood Badge from any participant who attended either GEC Wood Badge Course in 2019

If a scouter meets any of these three conditions and is verified by Tyler Bonino, the total cost becomes $100 if signed up by August 1st and $150 if after.

All pandemic related safety protocols will be followed to ensure a safe experience for all.

For Further information and verification of eligibility, contact:

Tyler Bonino, GEC Professional WB Staff Advisor,, 530-908-1879


2021 Wood Badge Dates

The Golden Empire Council Training team is happy to announce the 2021 Wood badge Dates. Don’t let the leaders of your unit miss out on these amazing training opportunities.  These advancement training courses are designed to take your units leadership from good to great. Online registration is available now, Please encourage your unit to start planning today.


September 24-26 & October 2-3

1st Weekend Camp Lassen

2nd Weekend Nor Cal Adventure Area

Russ Erickson

Open Now
Click to Register

Items for Sale

For Sale at GEC-BSA

Patches, Gear, Gifts, etc. that Scouts and Scouters can use!


See Facebook comments on this post for more background on these items.

Item G - Yellow OA Patch Set has sold out.



Although all in-person training events have been cancelled or postponed, this is a wonderful time to get caught up on the wonderful online courses that have been provided by the National Council. You can see what courses are available by visiting: On this site, you can register for courses and learn more about your position in Scouting and how Scouting works!  

As we get more information about our in-person training events we will be updating our training page at


Support Scouting while you Shop

Are you using Smile when you shop at Amazon?  Amazon Smile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you.  When you shop at, Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase price to your favorite charitable organization.  The Golden Empire Council is listed as "Golden Empire Council - Boy Scouts of America Trust Fund".  

So far Golden Empire Council participation in Amazon Smile has resulted in over $2,300 in donations.  Imagine what that might become if more Scouters Council-wide choose to do the same.

16 NorCal Counties?

16 NorCal Counties?

If you visit:, you will find the following ‘click-able’ map of the 16 Northern CA counties we serve linked to our seven (7) GEC-BSA districts.

Also each ‘District’ home page now has ‘new’ District Executive’ and ‘District Map’ choices to help you navigate and connect!   If you have not yet met our newest District Executive Joshua Edwards you can visit his Buttes District page here.
Platinum, Top-rated, Reviewed

GEC-BSA is investment ready....


Golden Empire Council just re-qualified for it's '2021 GuideStar Platinum' rating of transparency, and hopes to soon earn '2021 TOP-RATED' status with 'Greatnonprofits'.

If we add these recognitions to our local ‘Reviewed’ status with the 'Sacramento Region Community Foundation', and the BSA’s own Council Journey to Excellence GOLD
(For 2016 thru 2019 and now discontinued for Councils) it’s a powerful endorsement to donors that we are worthy of their investments.

Thanks again for all those who have helped
and are helping us re-qualify for 2021!

Scouting Photo of the Month

Backpacking is all about where you wake up in the morning

"Backpacking is a culmination of the Scouting Adventure. You spend months and years developing the skills of camping, hiking, map reading, cooking, learning how to pack, planning an adventure. Then you go do it. I returned to Scouting and to backpacking because of my 50 Miler when I was a Scout. It was epic, it was my Rubicon moment. I wanted that experience for my son and for the Scouts of my Troop."

These Scouts are about to wake up to a grand and glorious morning at the Minerets, in the Ancil Adams Wilderness.

This 50 Miler began at Mt. Lassen, now miles behind them, these Scouts take a photo from the rim of the Cinder Cone volcano inside Lassen National Park.

"I have been asked to share my photographs and thoughts on our program with the GEC-BSA. What I want to do is teach and encourage others to use photography as a tool to reinforce their Scouting Program. I found during my time as Scoutmaster, that a scoutmaster can use photography to help model the 'Ideals of Scouting'. As a Scoutmaster you may observe something that you think might be a teachable moment or an example of a virtue of the program. Shoot it! Share it, on your website on a slide show to the troop, in emails or Troop Social Media and to SocialMedia@GEC-BSA.Org . The power of a good photograph is that you don't have to say a lot of words about it, it will tell the story itself."
-- Gerry McIntyre - GEC-BSA Chief Photographer & Owner Gerry McIntyre Photography