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Camp Lassen







 Camp Lassen has Action Archery!  How fun is that?

Can you hit a target out of the sky with a bow and arrow?

Want to give it a try?



Laporte® partner with the Boy Scouts of America® 


 You’ve asked for more exciting programs, and the Camp Lassen team is delivering at Summer Camp 2015!  Has your Troop signed-up for Camp Lassen yet?  Sign-up today and be the first in your area to shoot Action Archery!  All Scouts and adults who come to Boy Scout will have the opportunity to try this exciting new program!      






        2015 Schedule & fees       2015 Refund Policy       2015 Leader guide coming (SOON)



   To reserve your spot please  go to our website at www.gec-bsa.org and your on line or  

If you need any assistance please call Naseb at 916-929-1417 Ext. 217.