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Camp Pahatsi



Camp Pahatsi



Come visit Camp Pahatsi!!


We are taking reservations for families and Scouting Units to use camp in exchange for service work hours. Each year Pahatsi has hundreds of visitors and campers - come see the beauty of Camp Pahatsi!


Please help us by donating your Unit's time to help us maintain, rebuild and improve camp! We can find a project that is appropriate for your Unit's size and its abilities and arrange for needed tools and materials for the project. As a rule of thumb, please set aside 2-3 hours per day reserved to be used for camp projects.


Let's all pitch in to make OUR camp usable and beautiful for everyone !


For reservations call: Naseb (916) 929-1417 x 217


CAMPMASTER:    Kathy Neuburger                  

Email:  istahap@jps.net                  

Phone: (916) 768-3274