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Camp Pollock

The Sacramento Valley Conservancy has facilitated the purchase the of Camp Pollock. Camp Pollock was established by the Golden Empire Council in 1923 and has offered a location for Scout troops to spend the night near the American River, with the lights of downtown in the near distance. The State Lands Commission agreed to buy the property from the Boy Scouts. It will lease the land to the SVC, which plans to open it to the public as a nature and recreation center. The SVC will manage the site consistent with the American River Parkway Plan. 


One of the first projects planned is to install a courtyard with an interpretive native plant garden and a trail in front of the lodge. Repair and improve the entrance and parking areas is also listed as projects. 


The SVC plans to repair the lodge and camping areas to increase recreational opportunities for youth and to host community events on the grounds and at the lodge. To transform the camp's 1924 lodge – with its sprawling porch, wood-beamed grand hall and magnificent two-story stone fireplace into an event center, is a realistic goal in the near future.


Overall, the SVC envisions Camp Pollock as a central gathering place for school groups, picnickers, cyclists, hikers, and kayakers.


Units wishing to Camp at Pollock should contact:


Matt Gaylord
SVC Program Assistant