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                    New for 2015:                                             

                                     20 NEW KAYAKS

                                              Sailboats, stand-up paddleboards, new motorboats,

                                              upgraded leader cots and tents.




        Camp Winton Program 2015
The Winton Experience: Extreme Aquatic Fun and Mountaineering Spirit

The traditions of Camp Winton date back for decades. Situated on the Bear River Reservoir, Winton is home to every aquatic activity you can imagine: water skiing, sailing, rowing, canoeing, swimming and a whole lot more. Winton is secluded and only accessible by foot or the camp boat which transports the gear. Each unit has its own campsite but must provide their own tents and camping gear. Scouts eat cafeteria style on picnic tables under whispering pines near the lake. Winton is known for its spectacular evening campfires and wonderful camp entertainment. For the high adventurers, overnight canoe treks are available. A first-year scout program, air-rifle target shooting, archery, arts and crafts, rock climbing and nature round out the traditional program at Winton 

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