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Yolano Camp-O-Ree


Camp-O-Ree is Online


May 30th, 2020 1:00 - 8:00 PM



Theme: A salute to our health care workers


We are hosting an online Camporee on Saturday, May 30th from 1:00pm until 8:00pm.
This event will feature online competitions between patrols, a virtual campfire and awards. This event is for Scouts BSA troops and Venture Crews. Scouts should register with a patrol of two to seven other scouts.


To register, visit this link:
Be sure to enter your patrol name and unit number.  If you are not registering with a patrol enter “lone” in the patrol field and you will be grouped with other scouts who also need a patrol to participate with.

You will receive an email at the email address you provide before the event with the Zoom meeting ID and other pertinent information.


Patrols should meet ahead of the event to work out their patrol yells and costumes (if desired).
The theme of the camporee is “A salute to our health care workers” since they are on the front lines during this pandemic.  Participants/patrols can embrace this theme by wearing costumes on the day of the event, including the theme in their Zoom profile pictures and/or including it in a song or skit to be performed at the camporee.

Each participant should have access to a device that allows Zoom meetings with a stable internet connection.   

Each participant should have a length of rope and their scout book handy during the event.

At 6:30pm on Saturday there will be a campfire program for all interested participants. Participants are encouraged to prepare something, either individually or with other scouts, to present.  All campfire presentation must be rehearsed and approved by an adult for content.  Skits/songs/presentations should be 3 minutes or less. If there are more submissions than there will be time for, skits/songs/presentations will be selected
based on originality of content and how many people are participating in it. To sign-up to present at the campfire have an adult send an email to with “Camporee campfire” in the subject line listing who will be in the skit/song and a brief description.


You will have received an email with the Zoom meeting ID and password.

Participants will join the Zoom meeting no later than 1:00pm. The Zoom meeting room will be open at 12:30pm so people can troubleshoot their Zoom connection if needed. PUNCTUALITY IS CRUCIAL. There will be a brief opening ceremony. Participants will then be put into a breakout room with the other members of their patrol.

An instructor will join their patrol breakout room and guide them through an online
activity that should be fun and interactive.  Some activities will be scored like traditional
camporee activities, others may just be informational and fun.

When instructors join the room scouts should turn on their video (if it is off) so the instructor can see the scouts’ costumes if applicable.  The patrol should share their patrol yell with the instructor.  Note: Since there is sometimes a delay during Zoom meetings it is difficult for several people to talk/sing/chant at once so one option is to develop a yell where online one person is talking at a time.

After the activity the instructor will leave the room and the patrol can talk with one another until the next instructor joins them.

Patrols can leave the event whenever they have completed as many activities as they like.  The event will break at 5:00pm so people can eat.  The event will re-convene at 6:30pm for the campfire program followed by the awards ceremony.


To make the event run as smoothly as possible with a large number of participants,
please abide by the following guidelines:

1. Ensure your screen name on Zoom is your first name, patrol name and unit.  
Example: Pete Bears 461.   

2.  Keep yourself muted unless you are currently speaking.

3. When you want to speak, turn on your video and raise your hand or raise your
hand virtually.

4. Keep your video off unless you are doing/saying something that requires people
to see you.

5. Make sure your profile picture, which is displayed when your video is off, is
appropriate.  Your patrol will get extra credit if your profile picture is unique and in
accordance with the theme.

6.  Set your devise to Hide Non-Video Participants:  
 On a laptop, click on the three blue tops in the top right corner of any participant whose video is stopped.  Select “Hide Non-Video Participants”  On iPhone, click “More” at bottom right of screen, select “Meeting Settings” and turn off “Show Non-Video Participants) On Android devise, click “More” at bottom right of screen and select “Hide Non-Video Participants”


The event will cost $5.00 per participant (youth and adult).  Each paid participant will receive a patch.  Event fees will go towards paying for patches, postage and awards. Any leftover funds will be donated to Yolano District to fund future events/expenses. Registered participants will receive information via email about how to pay.


There will be a variety of awards like at a regular camporee including awards for spirit, costumes, incorporation of theme, best skits, etc.  The awards ceremony will be held at the end of the campfire program and awards will be mailed out after the event.  When you register please indicate where awards should be mailed. Please coordinate within your unit so items can be mailed to one person for distribution.  


We need adults or experienced scouts to help lead the patrol activities and competitions.  We would appreciate it if each unit that fields a patrol could provide at least one adult/scout to help run events. If you have an idea for an activity that can be accomplished online please share it with us.  If not we have plenty of ideas and would
provide you with all of the information you need to help proctor events
.  If you are available please send us an email at with the subject line “Camporee helper”.


Pleae forward any questions/suggestions/tips you have to:
Brian Meux   916-826-3313


-Updated on 2020-05-13


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