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Paying for college is an important step in planning for the future.  The Boy Scouts of America is providing the following information to assist Scouts with preparing for the financial commitment needed to fund their college years.


Several of the links below are specifically for Eagle Scouts.  Others are provided in partnership with  community organizations.  Please be sure to read carefully the information provided, on the procedures to follow, qualifications required, and meet deadlines in order to apply for any scholarship.


Outside BSA links are prohibited.  Please copy URL address into your browser and then process link.



For Eagle Scouts


Annually, the Golden Empire Council awards:

1.  The Wolfe Scholarship (up to $10,000)

2.  American Ideals Scholarships (five at $1,000 each)


     A common application is available at www.gec-bsa.org/program/forms  Enter the "Administrative Forms", open the "scholarship application."


The National Office of the Boy Scouts of America and the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) awards:

1.  Cooke Eagle Scout Academic Scholarship

2.  Hall/McElwain Merit Scholarships


     Please go to www.scouting.org or www.nesa.org for application forms.


National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution awards:

1.  Eagle Scout Recognition and Scholarship program


     Please go to http://www.sar.org/youth/eagle.html for application information.


Other Scholarships


The Golden Empire Council awards annually to a Sea Scout, Venture Scout or Explorer:

1.  The Jongeneel Scholarship of $1,000


     A common application is available at www.gec-bsa.org/program/forms  Enter the "Administrative Forms", open the "scholarship application."


ROTC Sholarships for UC Davis and Sacramento State:

Information Packet


Additional sites to visit for financial aid, grants, and scholarships: