This is the final installment of the photo essay describing the 6-10 mile Folsom Lake hikes. Hike them all and earn the patch set!

The Peninsula Campground can be reached from Auburn, Placerville or Highway 50 near Folsom. From Auburn or Placerville take Highway 49 to Pilot Hill. Approaching Pilot Hill from either direction there will be a sign for Rattlesnake Bar Road, Folsom Lake 9 miles. 
sign for Rattlesnake Bar Road 
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Turn off onto Rattlesnake Bar Road.
turn onto Rattlesnake Bar Road


On Highway 50, go east from Folsom to the El Dorado Hills Blvd Turnoff. Go north on El Dorado Hills Blvd to the Green Valley Road Intersection. Cross Green Valley Road and the road becomes Salmon Falls Road. Stay on Salmon Falls Road past the Salmon Falls Bridge until you come to a stop sign. Turn left here onto Rattlesnake Bar Road and follow it to the Peninsula Campground. Rattlesnake Bar Road is a long and narrow (and winding) 9 miles.

You will see the ranger station...

Ranger Station


...when you arrive at the Peninsula Campground. There is a white steel gate across the road just behind the ranger station. Further down the road there is a second white steel gate. Go past this gate about a quarter of a mile and you will find a small parking lot. On the other side of the first gate and to the left is a double trail that goes up the hill. This is the Ridge Trail and it goes to Salmon Falls Bridge. On the right side just past the gate is a less worn single trail.

less worn single trail


This is the beginning of the Goose Flat Trail. Both trails are marked with trail signs as are all points in the Peninsula Campground where trails meet.

Take the trail to the right and go for a short distance until you come to a "Y" that is marked with a trail sign.

'Y' with a trail sign


If you go to the left you will arrive at Biggers Point Campground.

left to Biggers Point


Go to the right and you will reach Anderson Creek Cove.

right to Anderson Creek Cove


There is a deep ravine here that you must cross to get to the other side and the trail does not much further after this.

The remainder of the Goose Flat Trail is not avaiable to be hiked at this time. You can complete a ten mile hike by hiking the other trails within the Peninsula Campground (see trail map).

trail map



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