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Awards and Recognition

Venturing Leadership Award

The Venturing Leadership Award (VLA) is presented by councils, areas, regions, and the BSA National Council to Venturers who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing and who exemplify the Venturing Code and Venturing Oath.  Effective for the 2013 recognition year only, the VLA was restricted to Venturing youth.    With the implementation of the new Venturing program in 2014, eligibility for the VLA was expanded to include adult Venturing leaders.


A council may award a maximum of four, five, or six VLAs, determined by the number of Venturing Crews in the council.  Venturing youth will represent at least 50% of the VLAs awarded by the Golden Empire Council's VOA each year.


The recognition items include a certificate, medallion suspended from a blue and white ribbon, and a knot to be worn on the field uniform.    



Venturing Leadership Award nominations are to be submitted to the Golden Empire Council office at 251 Commerce Circle, Sacramento or mailed to PO Box 13558, Sacramento, CA 95853. 



Previous Recipients of the Council Venturing Leadership Award



Christian Alvarado - 2013

Chris Krogen - 2013

Viviane Yee - 2013


 Erik Carlson - 2012

Dakota FItzsimmons - 2012


Amanda Clark - 2011

Gabriela Budilo-Wilson - 2011

Zachary Boyle - 2011


John Falk - 2011


Scott Parsons - 2011


Anne Pohle - 2011


Nicole Simone - 2011


Sam Falk - 2010

Claire Pohle - 2010

Rachel Raffalli - 2010

Kevin Tharratt - 2010

Robert Woodward - 2010

Lowell Fletcher - 2010

Allan (Sky) Pohle - 2010

Bob Shumate - 2010

Paul Bradley - 2010

Ricci Dula - 2010


 Bill Woodward - 2009


Dick Zipp - 2005


Michael Brandt - 2004


John Schmeltz Sr - 2003

John Schmeltz Jr - 2003


Marion Rice - 2000 




Venturing Awards Program

(through 12/31/14)




















Sea Scouts








Other Recognition




Awards Program

The purpose of the Venturing Awards program is to provide a pathway for personal development; to encourage Venturers to learn, grow, and serve; and to recognize the high level of achievement of those who acquire these Venturing skills.  This program is available to all Venturing Youth. The issuance of awards has been an important part of the Boy Scouts of America from its beginning.
What Venturers are saying about Awards and Recognition
§ “It shows how much work I’ve done, and gets me closer to a higher goal in Venturing. It makes it seem like there’s a reason for what we’re doing, and not just for fun.”
§ “It will help me get into college and to have fun. Also to learn new things.” “Happy Gilwell!”
§ “It shows recognition for the outings I have been on and the tasks I have accomplished while in Venturing, while on these outings.”
§ “Things I’ve done [are] things I can get awards for. I can work hard and get to put them on things for jobs and college.   College is a huge part to look too and the awards make it look good. Like a heroism award for things you’ve done. Its great just because you get an award for something you do.”


What Venturing can do to help


·         “Make it so the Venturers all know about what kind of awards they can receive with the time and effort they have to put into the Venturing program.”


·         “Fun and not as military strict. I’ve only been in Venturing for 7 months!”


·         “I like the system that is in place. However, in Boy Scouts there seems to be more drive to get ranks, perhaps due to the patrol structure. It seems that because everybody has a BSA handbook, checking off the list becomes important. But only a few people in my crew have a handbook. That to me is the biggest obstacle. I would like to see distance (hiking) awards or number of nights spent camping patches or some recognition.”


·         “Just have it made more known to everyone…somehow.”


[VOA members, May 2009]
Venturing and Sea Scout Awards (effective through 12/31/2014)
In Venturing, there are five Bronze awards for skills development: Sports, Religious Life, Arts and Hobbies, Outdoors and Sea Scout. Beyond those five awards are the Ranger Award, for outdoor experiences; the Quartermaster award for maritime; the Trust award for religious life and the Quest award for sports. The advanced awards are the Gold Award for personal growth and the Silver Award for leadership.
Sea Scouts is also a part of the Venturing Program, and their advancement awards include Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, and Quartermaster.
The Venturing Silver Award and Sea Scout Quartermaster Award are the highest level for these programs and are comparable to the Eagle Scout Rank in Boy Scouts.
These and other awards are further described in the Venturing and Sea Scout Handbooks, and on-line at BSA and BSA Sea Scout websites.
Additionally, Venturers, including Sea Scouts, who have achieved the rank of First Class Scout in a Boy Scout Troop or Varsity Team may continue their work on the Eagle Scout Rank as a Venturer until their 18th Birthday, as well as other BSA awards and recognitions.  
Other Recognition


The Venturing Advisor Award of Merit is a key program element to recognize Crew Advisors for tenure, training and quality crew programs.
The Hornaday Award is presented for distinguished service in conservation.
The award is given in one of six forms: The local council may give the William T.
Hornaday certificate for a unique conservation project by a pack, troop, team, or crew.
The council may also award the William T. Hornaday badge to individual Boy Scouts,
Varsity Scouts, and Venturers for outstanding service in conservation. All other
Hornaday Awards are conferred by the National Council; Scouts and Venturers may
apply for the bronze and silver medals, and local councils may nominate Scouters for
the gold medal and individuals and organizations for the gold certificate. (Application

#21-107) Venturer Handbook, scouting.org


Young American Awards – These awards are available at both the local and national
levels, recognizing young adults between 15 and 25 who have achieved excellence in
the fields of art, athletics, business, community service, education, government,
humanities, literature, music, religion or science. The national Young American Awards
include five unrestricted grants of $5,000.
The Young American Award is a council level award given to college students, age 19 to 25 to highlight publicly the importance of their excellent achievements and service to their community, state and nation. Recipients are not required to be a member or a participant of a local council unit or program.

For more information on these and other awards, go to BSA website or to the National Venturing Youth Cabinet website for youth resources, Venturing recognitions