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National Jamboree FAQs

Frequently Asked Question's

FAQ Document


General Information
Participants Questions
Staff Questions
Handicapped Support
News Coverage
Medical Issues
Schedule Program

Terminology used:

  • Participant: Youth or adult program participants
  • Adult: Council contingent adult leader
  • Staff: Approved Jamboree staff members, regardless of age

General information

Q: How do I ensure I have the most current information on the National Jamboree?
A: Goto for information on what will be happening at the Summit.

Q: Is there a National Jamboree Facebook page and a standalone web site?
A: The website is and the Facebook page is

Q: Who is the Golden Empire Council's contingent leader and staff adviser, and how do I contact them.
A: The contingent leader is Roberta McLaughlin and the staff adviser is Ann Kantola. Questions can be sent to or you can call Ann at 916.333.5429.

Q: Where can we find a map of the National Jamboree site?
A: The Jamboree site configuration is still being finalized. Maps will be published when available in 2016.

Q: Is there any information regarding day visitors, visitor costs, etc.?
A: Visitor information including cost will be available in late 2016.

Q: What is the difference between attending as a day visitor and attending as a participant?
A: Visitors are restricted to the Summit Center areas during published visitor hours. Participants have access to all program venues and activities throughout the site.

Q: Can a parent, family member, or family friend visit a participant while they are attending the Jamboree?
A: Yes. Anyone attending the National Jamboree as a visitor must purchase a visitor pass to gain access to the site. Visitors are restricted to the Summit Center areas only. Family members can meet their Scout/Venture at the Summit Center.

Q: Will there be any requirements similar to Boy Scout first class to prepare the Venture Scouts for the Jamboree?
A: No, but they should have a swim test prior to arrival. A basic camp skills session is also highly recommended for Ventures that do not normally camp.

Q: What is the situation for laundry?  Will there be facilities available?
A: Laundry facilities will be available for staff because of the extended period they are required to be on site. These facilities will be pay-as-you-go. For participants, there will be no facilities. Washing will have to be done in buckets which will be supplied.

Q: What are the Jamboree Youth Protection requirements?
A: As in previous Jamborees, adult leader and staff Youth Protection training must have been completed within one year of July 19, 2017. Adult leaders complete the appropriate Youth Protection training for their unit. Staff members complete both troop and venturing youth protection training.

Training can be found at:

Q: How would 18-20-year old youth get their YPT cards?
A: Anyone 18 or older needs to take the on-line Youth Protection Training. The certificate of completion will suffice in lieu of a card.

Q: Will our entire contingent be able to camp together?
A: One of the objectives of the Jamboree is to give Scouts an opportunity to meet Scouts from other parts of the country. As a result, council troops are likely to be assigned to different areas of the Jamboree. Venturing crews will camp in sub-camp F, same as in 2013. If a council sends multiple Venturing crews, we will consolidate the crews into a single Jamboree Venturing Crew whenever possible.

Q: Will all contingents from the same region camp in the same base camp?
A: No.

Q: When will field uniforms (Class A) be required to be worn?
A: Field uniforms are required to be worn on the tour and on arrival and departure days as well as during religious services.

Q: What is the appropriate uniform for Venture Scouts?
A: The green field shirt and gray pants.

Q: Can we bring our own skateboards and/or bikes?
A: No. Only Summit equipment can be used during the Jamboree

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Participant Questions

Q: How do girls who are currently not old enough to join Venturing and so are not currently registered with the BSA apply for the Jamboree?
A: They should contact council's Jamboree Staff adviser and have their name placed on a separate registration list. Once the council has approved their participation the council will reserve a place for them in their contingent. The individual must then submit their application when they reach the age in which they are eligible to join Venturing.

Q: My scout will not be old enough to attend the jamboree. Can any exceptions be made to the age requirements?
A: No, we are not able to make any exceptions to the age requirements in any capacity.

Q: How do adult leaders and youth participants pay their jamboree fees?
A: Payments are made to the council through an on-line process. Payment information and schedule will be provided on the council's National Jamboree website.

Q: What are the participant and leader requirements?
A: Qualification information can be found at

Q: Does a Venture "patrol" require two adults or one?
A: That is up to the council. A Venture crew traveling independently must meet the 2-deep leadership requirement. If traveling with a troop and its leaders, a Venture Crew can consist of nine Ventures and one adult. In this case the 2-deep leadership requirement will be met when the Jamboree crew is formed on site and four council crews are combined to form the Jamboree crew.

Q: If our council brings more than one crew, will they be placed in the same Jamboree crew?
A: We do try our best to ensure that council crews are placed together when possible.

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Staff Questions

Q: Does staff have a deadline in order to register?
A: For the purpose of ordering credentials, we are requesting that all staff be registered by March 31, 2017.

Q: How do staff volunteers pay their jamboree fees?
A: They pay online via their staff application. Staff Fee structure & payment schedule can be found at


Q: Where can I find a job description for my position?
A: It is available on the following webpage: If you don’t find your position listed, talk to your Jamboree Area Lead or Team Lead.

Q: How can I edit my staff application or make a payment on my staff fees?
A: Go to and click the ‘Edit an Existing Reservation’ link. You will need your registration code that was provided in your confirmation email to access the application.

Q: How do I become a part of Jamboree leadership?
A: Send an email to to check on available opportunities.

Q: What is the refund policy for staff applicants?
A: The refund policy is available at the following link:

Q: How many staff to a tent?
A: Four, two “bunk cots” per tent.

Q: What Shuttle service is available for staff?
A: Travel and shuttle information is currently not available. The information should be available in early 2016.

Q: What will the parking situation be like for adult staff arriving individually by car?
A: Staff personal vehicles will be parked in dead storage. A shuttle from the parking area to the Summit site will be provided for staff members.

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Q: Will there be camperships available from National and how does one apply?
A: National campership applications for the Scout National Jamboree will be available in January 2016. Information on how to apply will be provided on the council National Jamboree website - Campership only applies to the National Scout National Jamboree fee and is limited to no more than 50% of the activity fee, $975.

Q: Can adult leaders and staff apply for camperships?
A: Camperships are for youth participants only.

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Q: What patch trading procedures will be in place for the 2017 National Jamboree?
A: Guidelines for patch trading will be provided in the summer of 2016.

Q: Has the patch design for the 2017 National Jamboree been announced?
A: Yes. The patch is on the National Jamboree website.

Q: What 2017 National Jamboree patches will be supplied and when?
A: In the case of staff members: The first patch is provided once a completed application with deposit is received. A second patch is provided once final payment has been received. Patches are mailed on a monthly basis.

In the case of council contingent members (troops and crews): One patch per member is provided to the council once their initial contingent deposit is received. Patches are distributed by the local council. A second patch per member is provided once the final council payment is received. Patch placement link -

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Q: What troop/crew equipment is being provided?
A: A complete list will be provided in the Council Planning Guide to be provided in late 2015.

Q: What type tents are being provided? Can we get a sample for our contingent training?
A: Tents are expected to be similar to those used in 2013. When available, one participant tent will be provided to each council with a registered contingent.

Q: How many youth to a tent?
A: Two

Q: How many adult leaders to a tent?
A: Two

Q: Will a duffle bag be supplied this National Jamboree? If so, what size will it be?
A: There are no current plans to provide a duffle although that is still being considered depending on budget restrictions.

Q: What personal gear is required?
A: A packing list will be available in the 2017 Planning Guide.  The guide will be available in late 2015.

Q: Can staff bring more than one bag to the National Jamboree?
A: Yes, if you can carry everything yourself in one trip.

Q: Will chairs be provided to staff or do we need to bring them?
A: Chairs will not be provided. You can bring one folding chair as personal equipment if desired; however, chairs are not allowed in the stadium during shows.

Q: Can we have propane lanterns in camp?
A: No. Only battery operated lanterns are allowed.

Q: Will recharging be available for CPAP machines?
A: If an individual requires a CPAP machine it is their responsibility to obtain and take care of the machine. The individual assumes responsibility for the equipment. All CPAP machines must be battery- powered since no electricity will be available in the camps or staff sites.

Q: When will the 2017 National Jamboree Merchandise Catalog be available?
A: The release date will be announced in 2016.

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Q: What feeding model will be used for the National Jamboree?
A: A grocery model is anticipated similar to that used in many World Scout Jamborees. Details will be provided at a later date.

Q: What dietary accommodations are being made?
A: Under the grocery model, each unit will have the ability to select appropriate grocery items to meet the needs of their contingent members.

Q: Where can we find menus for the National Jamboree?
A: Menus and recipe information availability will be announced at a later date.

Q: What will be the dining procedures for participants and staff, including those staff living in camps?
A: Dining for participants will be in their camps as has been the tradition in all National Jamborees. Staff members are fed centrally.

Q: Will special occasion cakes be available for those who have birthdays at National Jamboree?
A: A special occasion cake will be issued to all units on one day of the National Jamboree. Its purpose is to allow all special events occurring during the National Jamboree to be celebrated on that day.

Q: Will nutritional values be on the food provided?
A: Yes, just as you would see in a grocery store.

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Handicapped support

Q: What provisions will be made, if any, for mobility constrained individuals?
A: Mobility constrained individuals will be housed in a base camp with provisions for such individuals. Specific questions can be referred to

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News coverage

Q: Will there be, in Troop Home Town News Correspondence and activities for them, as in previous National Jamborees?
A: Yes, closer to the 2017 Jamboree information will be available on our website.

Q: Will there be daily newspapers as in the past National Jamborees?
A: Yes. However, it will all be electronic at the 2017 National Jamboree.

Q: Will volunteers with the contingent be able to participate in jamboree adventure activities (ex. zip lines)?
A: Leaders will not participate in the adventure activities however they are free to visit exhibit areas throughout Summit Center.

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Medical issues

Q: Will there be a special unique Annual Health and Medical Record for the National Jamboree?
A: Yes. The health form used for the National Jamboree will be provided at a later date.

Q: What process will be used for the submission of health forms?
A: Instructions on health form submission will be provided at a later date.

Q: How are medications handled?
A: This process will be outlined in the 2017 Planning Guide.  The guide will be available in late 2015.

Q: Will physical restrictions be applicable this National Jamboree?
A: Refer to under the qualifications tab.

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Q: Can we get help in arranging our council contingent bus transportation?
A: Travel and shuttle information is currently not available. The information should be available in early 2016.

Q: Can one bus do two drop offs (i.e., one complete troop of 40 at one location and a crew of 10 at another)?
A: Yes: Buses can be routed to multiple locations.

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Q: What technology is available on site?
A: Cell coverage is available throughout most of the site. Wi-Fi coverage is available in base camps, Summit Center and selected other sites.

Q: Will a Smart phone app be available and if so, what operating systems are required and what will it provide?
A: An app is under development. Information on its content and accessibility will be provided at a later date.

Q: Will there be STEM-focused activities during the Jamboree?
A: Yes. Follow for more information as it becomes available.

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Schedule Program 

Q: What is the Jamboree schedule?
A: Follow for more information as it becomes available.

Q: What merit badges will be offered this Jamboree?
A: A list will be available early 2017.



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