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Our National BSA Council Designation title is Golden Empire Council 047.


Problems with MyScouting or Login like

  • Transitioning from an old E-Learning account to a MyScouting Account?
  • Forgot old user name, from E-Learning account?  This is needed to transfer E-Learning Account to a MyScouting login.
  • Account setup with an old email address, so Lost password does not email the password to the current account?
  • Forgot Password?
Should be addressed to

National Help Desk 972-580-2267


Our Council website links to National BSA's website for things like Internet Advancement, Adult and Youth Training, and more. These items, if you have permission, are accessed through your MyScouting account. If you do not have a MyScouting account, create an account at, "Click here to create an account".  If you are registered with Scouts, make sure to include your Scouting ID number.  This will post any training that you take on your personal record with Boy Scouts of America.

Our Official National BSA Council Designation title is Golden Empire Council 047.
After creating your account you must confirm your email address by clicking the link  in the e-mail response you will receive from MyScouting.  Do not reply to the message.
For Training select the E-LEARNING  option on the MyScouting page.  Also, after completing a course you may have to off the training site and log back in to E-LEARNING to view and print the Certificate of Completion.  
National BSA System Notes: The current site was designed for Internet Explorer 7 higher.  This means that  other browsers and operating systems other than Windows will not provide full functionality.  Also, their system was designed for a minimum of 28.8 kbps connection speed.  If your connection is slower the system may time out.  Pop-up blockers should be turned off for all pages.  In IE7 and IE8, it will be under the Tools menu on the tool bar at the top of the page.  It should say "Turn On Popup Blocker", which means it is off.
Passwords are CASE sensitive.  If a password has been emailed to you consider this.  Sometimes the font being used makes it difficult to tell between 1(one), l (lower case L), I (upper case "eye"), 0(zero), and O (upper case "o").  Try again with these possible changes, or copy/paste your password (be careful to not copy a blank space in front of the password).


251 Commerce Circle
Sacramento, CA 95815

phone: (916) 929-1417

Hours of Operation:
8:30am - 5:00pm (M-F)
Closed Saturday & Sunday

River City Scout Shop

251 Commerce Circle
Sacramento, CA 95815

phone: (916) 649-1800

Hours of Operation:
9:00am - 5:00pm (Monday - Friday)

10:30am - 3:00pm (Saturday)
Closed Sunday

NorCal Scout Shop - Chico

3881 Benatar Way, Suite D
Chico, CA 95928

phone: (530) 809-0400

Hours of Operation:
11:00am - 6:00pm (W-F)
10:00am - 2:00pm (Saturday)
Closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday

Order of the Arrow - Amangi Nacha