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Cub Scout Adventure Online - Focus on Four

Cub Scout Adventure Online - Focus on Four
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  Focus on Four
First Aid Adventures
September 30, 2020

Meet the ADVENTURE'S Leader

Alice has a long long history working with youth.  She, as a Scouter, has been a Den Leader, Cub Camp Director and Round Table leader among other things.  Outside of Scouting she worked as an assistant in the classroom and the visual art class.  In her church she is active in the youth programs of the church.  Alice has been recognized by Scouting with both the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver, a national recognition.


Things that you will need

A "First Aid Fortune Teller - Tiger, Wolf or Bear" or " First Aid Fortune - Webelos"  that matches you Scout Rank.  You will need to print it, cut it out and fold it.  This should be done before the meeting begins.

Here is the link to the First Aid Fortune Teller - Cub Scout Adventure OnLine - First Aid Fortune Teller


Help your Scout will need from Mom or Dad (including guardians)
⦁ All Scouts– Help cutting out and folding the First Aid Fortune Teller.  
Moving Forward and Upward
Get you handbook or workbook signed off by your mom, dad, gurdian or your Den Leader.  Please follow the procedure used within your Pack.
  • Lion Scouts -  Requirements #1 and #2 of the Animal Kingdom Adventure 
  • Tiger Scouts - Requirement #9 of the Safe and Smart Adventure
  • Wolf  Scouts–  Requirements #4A and 4B of the Call of the Wild Adventure
  • Bear Scouts –  Requirement #3A of the Paws for Action Adventure
  • Webelos Scouts - Requirements #1 and #6 of First Responder Adventure (An useful video that helps is


Your Challenge

Finish this Adventure  These are things that need to be completed to earn the Adventure that you have started.  Most Packs allow Mom, Dad or the Den Leader to sign off the the Scout's work.  Please follow the procedure used within your Pack.
  • Lion Scouts - Requirement #3 of the Aminal Kingdom Adventure.  The Family Service Project can be completed as a Den or family project.
  • Tiger Scouts - Nothing Special.
  • Wolf Scouts - Call or the Wikd Adventure Requirements #1, #2 and #3 and either Requirement #5 or #6 needs to be finished.  This can be done during a family or Pack camp out. 
  • Bear Scouts - At home complete Paws for Action Adventure Requirement #3B
  • Webelos Scouts - Two more Requirements for the First Responder Adventure need to be completed.  Choose between Requirements #2, #3, #4 #5 or #7 and do it at home.

Challenge to Share

  • All Scouts - Make a personal first aid kit and take a picture of it that you can share.  Be ready to share your photo and explain how to use each item in your first aid kit.
  • Webelos Scouts - First Responder Adventure Requirement #6 - Put together a simple first aid kit and take a picture of the contents.  

For a handy workbooks go to – (The easy way to see and sign off advancement steps) 

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