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Centennial Quest

Centennial Quest
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Golden Empire Council
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The last date for registration has passed.

Golden Empire Council

Centennial Quest


Registration is now open for the Centennial Quest.  

The Golden Empire Council is officially 100 years old!  We had big plans to celebrate but we are shifting and ready to go with the times.

Our Quest begins on California Admission Day, September 9th and runs through our 100 Years of Service Day on October 24, so there is plenty of time for each family to complete their Quest.

The Centennial Quest is an opportunity for a family to work as a team to discover the history of the Golden Empire Council.  We originated from many different Councils and lots of unique geography to become the best Council in the Western Region!

Think of this is a historical scavenger hunt.  You can participate at the level you are comfortable but we hope that you will get your family together and travel out to discover many of the points of interest along the historic trail of the Golden Empire Council.

The program will work as follows:

Everyone who registers will be sent our olive bordered patch at the end of the event.  You will also receive a downloadable copy of the Quest documents that shows you the points of interest to visit along your historic trail.  (Please don't share!)  You also will receive a link to download our decade recap booklet going back to our formation in the year 1920!  

If you are able to participate in the Quest, and can complete 10 of the 15 requirements, you or your parent will self-report that information (Scouts honor!) and you will then be upgraded to receive both the olive border patch AND the orange border patch!

Some of our families will have the opportunity to complete the entire Quest!  It will take a bit of driving and exploring around the Council to do so and participation in our 100 Years of Service Day on October 24th will cap this exciting achievement!  You will again self-report success, which will earn you all three patches!  

How to begin:

  • Register now and get ready to join the Quest.  (optionally at this time, you may order a printed copy of the Decades booklet with the Golden Empire Council history from the last 100 years recapped as a keepsake)
  • Look for your email September 9th with your Quest instructions 
  • Begin the Quest with your family
  • Tag yourself and family in pictures on Instagram and Facebook with the #GECBSAat100
  • Participate in the 100 Years of Service Day on October 24th
  • Self-report your success by October 31st
  • Look for your patches and bound books in the coming weeks after October 31st


All self-reporting must be done by October 31st to receive your final patch sets.

How much for this great adventure that could potentially include all 3 patches and a downloadable copy of our Decades Booklet? Only $10 per participant! 

For those who enjoy printed words, we are offering the opportunity for you to purchase the decade recap booklet featuring the history of the Golden Empire Council for only $10.  It is the same information you will receive via download, but we wanted to offer you this nice edition for your records.  We also hope that our units will keep a copy of the decade reports to help share the amazing history of the Golden Empire Council with their Units.  

So register now and get your traveling shoes ready to participate in our Quest!  

Don't forget to tag yourself in your pictures when you complete another task on Facebook and Instagram with the #GECBSAat100 tag so we can celebrate with you.

Patches and booklets will be mailed after all numbers are finalized and can be ordered at the end of the event.  For those that really want a patch in hand now - be one of our first 100 registrants and you will receive your registration patch soon!  We are pre-ordering 100 of the olive bordered patches and will send them out to the first 100 registered for this great event.

May you be successful in your Golden Empire Council Centennial Quest!




To self-report 10 of 15 Quest events completed, please click this link.

To self-report ALL of the Quest events completed, please click this link

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